When Norwegian company OnePiece wanted to launch their original adult onesies into Australia, they thought what better location than Bondi to introduce their 'Slacker Life' vibe and relaxed style product into the community.  Choosing The Bucket List right on Bondi Beach as the party venue, which normally resembles a colourful retro fishing shack, the challenge was to turn the place into something like a Norwegian ski chalet, in a 2 hour turnaround between service.

The Whole Creative team came together to fill the venue with animal trophy heads, custom vinyl stickers and posters with the company's quotes and mantras, a heap of vintage ski and snowboard equipment and LOADS of the trademark Marius print plastered around the walls. Outside was spectacular, with snow blowing through the air the whole night, a snowfield amongst pine trees for snowball fights (and epic dancing from Tommy Franklin), oil drum fires for roasting marshmellows, and of course, fake snow sponge fabric covering ever. inch. of. horizontal. surface.

Upon entrance to the party everyone was given their own special OnePiece to wear, which not only made the party crowd a wonderful sight to see, but we were all as cosy as hell.